1961-1992, first contacts with Gladio
and the organized crime

The mystery around my birth

It is difficult to know precisely when this story began. To be complete, I should talk about my birth even if I cannot be sure that my story starts at my birth. It’s probably the period I’m least sure. I will tell you only what I know about the circumstances of my birth, and you will think what you want.

My mother had several children, and I’m the first one. However, no photo of my birth exists at all while my other siblings have pictures. During my childhood, I often asked where the photos of my birth were, but there was none. The earliest photos of my childhood begin at two years old. 

The second point is the context of my birth. My mother was in love with two men. She became pregnant with one of them, with whom she married. My mother loved both my father and the other man for 15 years. However, the profile of the second man was particular and could have had some effect on my story. Gladio recently « telepathically » pushed me to write that he was mercenary. I cannot be sure of this. 

In the 60s, he was in Africa as a Belgian military operative and paratrooper. At this period, there were also Belgian mercenaries in Africa. It could be important since Gladio has existed since 1956, years before the 60s. However, it is impossible to say if Gladio was involved in the mercenaries in Africa in the 60s. It is also impossible to tell if, by jealousy, this soldier, perhaps a mercenary, could have reported to Gladio that I could be a baby to use. In that case, it would also be possible for Gladio, following each of its members, to take the initiative to do so.

There is also another dark episode. My mother had a scar on the left of her belly. One day I asked my father how the scar got there. He answered to me that around my birth my mother put a knife in her stomach. Did she target me or mean to kill me? It is impossible to say. But after my birth, I was placed in a nursery for a while. Again, I don’t know why. At the least, we can say there is some mystery around my birth, but it is impossible to say if my story began in 1961.

My childhood was peculiar as well. In school, I was bullied by the others and had a lot of issues. I did not have friends. The problem continued to worsen until the end of the 70s when I was in college. For an unknown reason, my stress when taking the exams was so high that I could not think and sometimes breathe. I failed everything. I had to take my driving license exam three times because I could barely breathe when I was driving. It was the pressure of the exams, and the reaction was a mystery, while I was a perfect student during the rest of the year. When I was 18, my mother asked my father that I leave the family house. Indeed, they divorced some years earlier, and my mother always saw in me too much resemblance of my father. 

The strange activity of my brain

The family of my girlfriend welcomed me in. Her parents had an epileptic son who was followed by a neurologist. So, to try to provide an answer to my problems for my exams, they proposed me to visit this doctor too. The surprise was important. This neurologist discovered that my electroencephalogram (EEG) was very special. My brain activity was much too high. However, except for my problems at the exams, I did not have any other noticeable symptoms. During my childhood, sometimes I lost consciousness especially when I was a choirboy at church, and nobody knew why. I could not say if there were a link between this and my abnormal brain activity. This incident had occurred almost ten years earlier.  

So, this neurologist discovered that my brain was unusual, but he could not find any disease behind this strange EEG. The Belgian army also made a new analysis of my brain before to accept me for my military service. They confirmed the statements of the neurologist. Since nobody could find a reason for this very special EEG, the Belgian army made the decision not to accept that me into military service. 

When my girlfriend and I decided to marry, my mother came back into my life. Previous to this point, I could not go to see my family for six years, even for Christmas. They rejected me, while my brothers were allowed to stay at home and were succeeding in their studies. I did not get this chance. 

Forgetting the past, my mother decided to help me with my future and to open a computer store. It is essential because my entire computer history begins precisely on that date. I quickly became a computer assembler. We called them clones, since these computers once assembled, looked like those of the big brands.

Gladio and my business with Russia

When my small business started to grow, I had a particular visitor, a Russian, Boris. It is probably on this date that my relationship with Gladio began. Indeed, this visitor, Boris, was a Russian diplomat. He did not live or work in my city, but he came to see me because he wanted to export computers to Russia.

I was happy about that and never thought of any problem working with the Russians. The Berlin Wall had just fallen, and the Cold War had just ended. I was 27 years old, and I was taking care of the Russians. I visited them at their embassy and accompanied them to Berlin for the sale of these computers. I saw no problem in it.

Today, 30 years later, it is impossible to say why this Russian diplomat came to my little shop. Gerard, the one who provided me with the components for these computers, is still involved in Gladio’s story, in 2018.

Was he involved in something mysterious about these components? Did he only know it? I can not tell. These computers were to be sent to Russia. If Gladio was behind something, these components might have been modified to turn these computers into spy computers.

I was dealing with Russia while Gladio’s primary mission was to protect Europe against Russia. So everything could be possible, including the fact that Gladio chose me to send spy computers to Russia. I was young, naive and unaware of the tensions between Russia and Europe. I had the best profile to play such a role.

There is another possibility. The rapid recovery of the store, the arrival of the Russian and sending these computers to Russia; all this could have been just a set up where I was just a puppet. One thing seemed definitely strange; it was this Russian.

A few months later, I again had another particular visitor in my shop. We had been very close for a very long time and had grown up in the same village. He was a high officer. At that time, I did not know his power. Today, in 2018, he is still one of the leading Gladio leaders in the world. So, I do not want to say more about him. I will continue to call him the high officer.

He had come to my store asking me to entrust the management of my business to one of his friends whom we both knew. He threatened to bankrupt my company if I did not agree.

I can not say if he was already involved in Gladio at this time. However, he had spent some time in the para-commandos, in the manner of my mother’s former lover. At that time, Gladio recruited mainly people with military skills, and among them, there were the Brabant Killers. 

I naturally refused his request, so he used all his power to break my company and my couple.

Terrorism and gang stalking

I have to describe some circumstances. During the 80s, Belgium had experienced significant terrorist events.

These began in our province to the high officer and me. We called these events the Brabant Killers. These killers went to hypermarkets and shot at everyone. They had military behavior and were very professional and organized. They were never identified. Moreover, during these attacks, the name of Gladio was not yet known.

Belgium was not the only country to have experienced terrorist events, like the Brabant Killers. Italy too had been bombed. It was at the very beginning of the 90s and in Italy that the name of Gladio, “sword” in Italian, was communicated to the public for the first time. From then on, in Brussels too, some people started to speak. The Belgians thus learned that the Brabant Killers could be members of the Belgian army or special forces, operating under the name of Gladio.

Gladio is above all an emanation of NATO. They have historically, and above all, taken their staff into the army, police, and intelligence. It also includes former military, police, or intelligence officers, especially the disappointed and unstable. These are easy targets. If he is or has been a military or police officer, he has the advantage of being able to respond to orders received without asking questions.

To this, we can add all the thugs registered within the police networks. The latter has power over a person with police records and Gladio uses this power. The same goes for all prisoners. Indeed, Gladio accesses prisons through their extensive network within the police. For this organization, this is the best place to recruit, train and, above all, to submit the detainee.

Also concerned are all people who might have contacts or information useful to the organization, even if this is not certain. A particular job, the name of the employer, the brother, the sister, a particular attendance can be enough to Gladio to integrate an individual in his files.

However, Gladio never asks his staff for his participation. He is not aware that he is entering or in a network. It is even more so if it is also “Targeted individual”.

In 2018, one can rightly wonder who in this list is not a “Targeted individual,” even and especially without being aware of it.

So, it was a coincidence, but when the high officer threatened me, Belgium discovered, then, at the same time, the existence of Gladio as a possible explanation to the Brabant Killers.

In 2018, Belgium continues to say the same thing, but we never found the authors. They disappeared like soldiers after an operation.

It is because of this that the European countries decided to dissolve Gladio. However, Gladio has not disappeared. They only took advantage of this official decision of dissolution to become much more confidential. As they became secret and officially dissolved, they could develop further.

Let’s go back to my story. One night, my wife had not come home yet and our sales manager, a former police officer, comes to our home. He did not seem to be in his normal state. He opened the trunk of his car and took a rifle. The same type of weapon used by the Brabant Killers. A shotgun with a short barrel. He started targeting lights in the street. Of course, I asked him to stop this immediately. He then left my house, and I went to bed.

As I slept, I was awakened by loud blows at the door of the house. I was wearing only my underwear, and I went to open the door thinking it was my wife. The door was barely ajar as I found myself with the barrel of a machine gun between my eyes. Behind the machine gun, there was a special forces officer, another kneeling in front of me, another just behind the wall and many others in the garden pointing their machine guns at me. They shouted me to lie on the floor. Of course, I obeyed and immediately felt the cold tiles on my body. I did not move. I still had a machine gun pointed at my head. I heard a succession of “clear” and when they were sure that there was only me in this house, I was able to get up. They then asked me about the shooter, and I explained to them what I knew about him. It stopped there.

Such an experience does not happen every day. I can not say if it was a stunt to terrorize me. It’s possible, especially since my sales manager was a former policeman, possible agent of Gladio. Another clue, he never had a problem with this event. I was the only one who was shocked by that night. I forgot the neighbors.

A few weeks later, another policeman was back home. He informed my wife and me that they had received a statement informing them that we were taking drugs by injection. We have never taken drugs in our lives. This accusation was again incredible.

The police officer then explained that the statement indicated that we had made these injections close to our genitals. He asked to check it himself since he did not believe in this denunciation. He took us separately to our bedroom to check our genitals. Of course, it was horrible and unbelievable. He could not do that, but we were so naive that we did not think at all to react. We were only shocked at what was happening to us. We saw this as an assault on the part of the police, almost a rape for my wife.

At the end of the year, we had a drink in the offices of another supplier. The same sales manager accompanied us. I do not know what happened in those offices, but the next day I woke up in the hospital. My wife and the sales manager brought me there when I lost consciousness. According to the doctors, when I arrived, I was clinically dead. It was again a terrible experience.

A few weeks later, we had to submit our annual accounts to the tax authorities. That’s when our accounting server was destroyed. It was the last event we could bear. We decided to close the company.

We had debts. Our lawyer had told us to protect our house because the ushers could take it all. However, nothing happened, strictly nothing. No mail, no call, no bailiff. As if our society had never existed, or as if the judge wanted nothing to ask us, or as if they had been ordered not to question us. It’s impossible to say.

It’s strange, but in 2017, an ex-employee of this company, 30 years ago, contacted me, to speak specifically about this server. He remembered this one as well as that period, with details that I had forgotten. The most curious is that today, Google knows this individual as an activist far right, close to big personalities.

It means for the reason that I will explain later that he could be close to the high officer as well. In addition, his strange arrival in 2017 in my contacts, was also accompanied by a problem on my current servers. This coincidence was created to make me connect two episodes of my life, separated by 30 years, and both related to Gladio.

These events also ended up breaking our marriage. Each of us then found a new partner. Perhaps we had decided to forget everything. We had been mentally destroyed. The high officer had promised to ruin everything. He had succeeded.

We had experienced all this as a succession of aggression. However, we could not link with certainty all these events to the high officer. I also noticed that most of these events were related to the police, without understanding why.

I did not know about Gladio, and I did not know at that time that he could be a Gladio member. I did not think either that this affair with the Russians could have been a stunt.

My first steps in organized crime.

This episode is about the same as the previous one. Once again, I thought I had something special to put myself in these extraordinary situations. Today in 2018, I have to think differently. I have to wonder if Gladio was not connected to all these particular events I experienced.

With the Russians, I may have been used as an agent providing spy computer to the enemy or as a way to track my relationship with them. In this episode, I entered organized and dangerous crime.

So my wife and I were separated. She had met another man, and I had met a woman. She was Sicilian and belonged to a family deeply involved in organized crime in Belgium, the mafia. Among their many activities, this family worked for a major Belgian company that built the subway stations in Brussels. The Sicilian family managed the construction sites and especially the black labor. They organized surveillance to avoid checks, day or night. They explained this activity to me as if I were one of them.

A few months later, a famous disappearance occurred in Belgium. An investigative journalist was working on black work on public works sites, and he had disappeared. The whole country was looking for him.

One day, I am invited to share spaghetti with the Sicilian and her brothers. It was the first time I accepted. It was a very special situation. There were six or seven of us around the table. They spoke of all their traffics as if I were one of them. I knew a part of them. They also owned a garage and took care of my car. They started talking about this journalist who disappeared. They laughed and one of them said “Where he is, in the concrete, no one will find him,” and he ended his sentence with another laugh. I looked at my plate and showed no reaction. I was eating. I was in my best role, the chameleon. My brain only was recording. Of course, I did not answer that the whole country was looking for him. Dinner continued, I pretended nothing.

Then I went to settle on the couch. I was impatient to leave this hideout, but all was not over. While sitting comfortably, one of the brothers opened a cupboard on my left. He put weapons and grenades on the table in front of me and asked me if I could find customers for this kind of merchandise. He was not joking at all. He was trying that I participate in their business. My hands were virgins of any crime. I dared not take one of these weapons in my hands. I replied, “I do not think so, but I will see.” I was lying. I wanted to leave immediately, but I could not. They had to think that I was one of them.

My answer seemed to satisfy him. He then offered me to transport or sell drugs. I had the feeling that I was in a scene from the movie Godfather. I was immersed in the mafia, in the heart of Brussels. I could not answer. I could not find the words, and I was afraid to disappoint them. Fortunately, I did not need to answer. They received a phone call. Their correspondent asked them if they could steal a white Mercedes immediately. The dinner was over. They had to find this car. We said goodbye, and it was over. On the way back, I told the Sicilian that I did not want to have this kind of family reunions anymore.

In one evening, I could solve the riddle of a famous murder, which was then only considered a disappearance. I could dismantle a major mafia network in the capital. Finally, these Sicilians were the henchmen and the black labor provider for one of the largest construction companies in Belgium. The most incredible is that at the time, I also worked in this construction company and three office doors of their general management!

Indeed, after the closure of my company, I accepted the first computer job that I could find. Is it luck or Gladio that made me come to this company? Can one also speak of chance while this company was also the primary client of the mafia? I remember calling my lawyer from my office in this company to tell him my story. It was unconsciousness, and my lawyer was furious that I told him about it from the company I was talking about. In addition, this lawyer was not at all the man to enter into this kind of controversy.

I remember that story and especially this journalist haunted me. I wanted to tell what I knew without taking too much risk. So I had the senior officer, although I continued to think that he was the cause of the bankruptcy of my company and the end of my marriage.

I called him, but he was not impressed at all. The next day he called me to tell me that a big cabinet would be insufficient to contain all their crimes. He added that the police had found nothing in their hideout. Strange for criminals. Am I to understand that I had only executed, without knowing it, a mission for Gladio within the mafia? Having informed Gladio of my discoveries, I should not go further? I’ll never know and I obviously did not try the devil by going to a police station.

My job, as this possible mission, within this construction company had ended. However, I did not take too much time before finding a job. Gerard, my former supplier of computer components, worked in a large computer company. So he had me hired as a programmer.

A few months later, the Sicilian gave birth to a little boy. However, this happy event made her very violent against me. She told me that she had used me and that I would never be his father. A bottle in the face accompanied these words. I lost a tooth and almost my soul. I was broken. My father spirit was lost. I took care of her two little girls like a father. I considered them my daughters, but I could not be the father of my son.

When Gerard learned that I came to work crying, he facilitated my transfer to France. However, as explained previously, Gerard was also close to a Brussels godfather and the high officer.