Informed of a new murder, I must go.

Fifteen years had passed since I left Belgium for France. I then left France for Morocco.

I had lived there for several years and met a Moroccan woman. I got married there and had two marvelous twins. Aware that they would grow up in better conditions in Belgium, I returned home with my little family. I had set up a new company in a sector not very easy. I had handicapped people working there and we had some great successes.

However, as is often the case, the mother of my children has completely changed her attitude once she got Belgian nationality. She wanted to divorce and she had to leave our house. I had my twins one week on two. This divorce led to the bankruptcy of the company and I had to find a new job.

Once again, Gerard intervened. Sad by my situation, he proposed me, in 2006, a new job and even to use his superb car to go work. I naturally accepted. What surprised me most was that Gerard was going to his company by public transport and I was going to use his car. For a wealthy entrepreneur with about fifty employees, it was rather surprising.

In 1989, he had been my supplier for my computer company. He was my employer in Belgium and France from 1992 to 1999. Through his friends, he was very close to organized crime and indirectly to the high officer, but it did not disturb me.

In addition, Gerard knew my career on the tips of the fingers. He had seen my ability to assemble computers and even export them to Russia. At the next job, he had exploited my programming skills, especially in complex and risky situations.

One of these projects had been difficult. I had to add a credit management module to an accounting program for which I did not have the code. It was critical as a challenge. My program was to prevent any sale until the credit department agreed. If my application did not work, it could block all the activity of the company. Since we had neither access nor the right to modify accounting applications, it was not far from being software piracy even if it was justified. This feature did not exist in the initial accounting program. I had naturally succeeded.

A few years later, an equally delicate program was asked of me and I was successful again. This application was environmentally friendly, but the general manager in the United States did not like it and I have been fired instantly.

Thus, Gerard knew perfectly my skills, both hardware, and software.

In 2007, I was working at the Ministry of Finance for Gerard’s computer training company. I taught computer security and Microsoft office to tax inspectors; hunters of fraudsters.

Was it still a coincidence or fault Gladio? I do not know. However, in the rest of the story, I was going to remain computer scientist, but also become an intelligence officer in the matter of VAT fraud in organized crime and more specifically in the world of night; field of activity of Gerard’s friends.

Another question comes to mind when writing these lines. I refer you to the introduction. I am therefore aware of being a “targeted individual”. I am under the control of an intelligence that uses me. Gerard always seemed to me a very straight man and especially a faithful friend. However, would not he also be a “targeted individual” whose role, even without his knowledge, was precisely to provide me with successive jobs, while bringing me into situations of intelligence (espionage).

However, it will be for the next chapter, let’s go back to this new work provided by Gerard ...

This job was very complicated for an experienced computer scientist. The most difficult part was the organization.

Indeed, I had to work during the day and prepare my classes in the evening. Plus, I had three hours to get to and from work. These tax inspectors were demanding. They awarded marks at the end of each class. If I was not good enough or late, I could be fired. So it was a pretty classic life. However, at this activity, I added at least two others as a freelancer.

I became more and more stressed. Gerard had lent me his Jaguar to make my round trips. It was a very nice car, but it did not make my life any easier. Only the road was more pleasant. My 5-year-old twins also had more room. They were safer too. However, it was a race against the clock to drop them off and bring them back to daycare. This one was naturally in the opposite direction of my work.

Financially, I could not complain. It was the rhythm of life that was hard to bear.

So I decided to talk to Gerard about this life that had become too difficult. Gerard received me as usual with a big smile. To relax, he offered to eat at the restaurant with one of his friends, Julian. He described him to me as a businessman who had made a fortune in the world of the night in Brussels. I can not be too precise. In my opinion, he was rather a godfather in organized crime in Brussels. I reminded him that I knew Julian. He was indeed a close friend of the high officer, of whom he had also become the godfather of his daughter.

We can describe the situation like this: Gerard had an intimate friend, Julian the godfather, who was the intimate friend of the high officer. For my part, I knew Gerard, as well as the high officer and I, closed the loop. They were close enough and worked in the same neighborhood. They had the same taste for money, girls and night outings. Julian did not know what to make of his fortune. Gerard helped him manage it. The high officer helped him in his daily management.

I knew the high officer almost always. Our relationship had ups and downs. In the 80s, we were at the beginning of our respective careers. He had blackmailed me, harassed me and finally, he has succeeded in destroying my company and my couple.

But in 2007, I had better keep good relations with the high officer. Indeed, he was also one of my mother’s friends and the administrator of her association. So he gave me some of my work and my incomes. It was a small publishing house belonging to my mother. I was the graphic designer and he was the treasurer.

As for his function, he had a phenomenal power, of which I did not really know the origin. He had acquired his skills in various departments, including the army. He also frequented the bars of his friend Julian. They had met there, had become great friends and had not left each other. 

The high officer had also met his future wife in one of these bars. She was a very sexy Moroccan, Ramana, manager of one of the establishments linked to Julian. The circle of friends had thus extended. The high officer and Ramana had got married. Julian had become the godfather of their daughter while he was also a godfather of organized crime in Brussels.

So, I knew each one of them. However, by this dinner with Julian, Gerard had perhaps the wish to integrate me more to their group. While we were in Julian’s office, he was talking to me about the high officer. He told me he had shared many adventures with him. I imagined it very well. So I replied with a smile and we went to the restaurant.

We sat a little apart in this luxury restaurant. The two friends drank a little too fast and they were not paying attention to me anymore. This situation had already occurred in the past with the Sicilians.

Gerard suddenly asked Julian if he was not responsible for the recent murder of a bar manager. It seems that Julian had reported to Gerard a disagreement with this man. Julian was annoyed by the question, especially in my presence. He plunged his nose on his plate for several seconds. Finally, he replied that he was not responsible for this murder. By the slowness of his answer, I was immediately convinced of the opposite. However, Julian is also the close friend of the high officer. I was not going to tell him what I had just heard. It was possible that he knew it already or worse. He could have orchestrated the murder ...

It was the second time I was in such a situation. It was not the last.

When I was a teenager, I did not belong to any group and did not have friends. With a certain innocence, I tried to get closer to other students by adapting my attitude to theirs. It did not work and I became their target.

But this experience of wanting to join groups had stayed with me. As an adult, I was pretty much able to behave like a chameleon and fit in everywhere. I did not realize it could be dangerous.

This dinner at the restaurant was probably important. Indeed, it could be at the origin of a radical change in Gerard’s behavior. After dinner, I realized that Gerard wanted to stress me. He put increasing pressure on my productivity, already at the maximum. He entrusted me with new projects while I was already overloaded. I began to feel depressed, and I saw in each tree along the road a way to kill me.

As summer approached, I told him I wanted to go on holiday. He offered me to go to Thailand. The idea quickly became a reality. I made contacts on the Internet comparing destinations and prices. I also sold personal belongings, which I no longer used, to provide me with more money. I sold one of my activities to a company in the area, and I arranged with Gerard for the payment of the tickets. 

In short, I have temporarily stopped working in Belgium. I knew myself. When I decided to move, I’m never very sure when I come back. But in principle, I only went on vacation.

I had decided to go to Pattaya in Thailand. It was a big seaside town, a place of all vices and a hideout for bandits from all origins. I had only the idea to go on vacation, meet girls and visit islands. My only wish was to have a nice holiday. I could not imagine what I was going to live there.

I do not know if this excellent dinner did not give birth to a plan. This one could have been to send me to Thailand for a specific purpose. I say that because what happened in Thailand will be precisely in the continuity of what was happening in Belgium. I was going to have a programming mission for the nightlife in Europe. European organized crime. These three friends were already part of this world. So it might not have been a coincidence.

So I went to Pattaya without having any idea what was waiting for me there. Usually, terrorism experts spend their time analyzing terrorist behavior. I started my story, behind the scenes of the brains of terrorism and in their dirty money, even very dirty.