Who am I? - Who are they?

This book is my story, that of my relationship with an intelligence organization – understand an important secret service –and that forces me in November 2018 to say what they have taught me over the last ten years. Apart from these relationships and my activities related to this organization, I have always been a computer engineer.

Today, I discover that I am a «TI» a «targeted individual.» It means that an intelligence organization, the one I am talking about above, uses and manipulates me, without giving me a choice to make otherwise. There are currently tens or hundreds of thousands of TI’s around the world. Some are even tortured days and nights. Victims then complain of hearing voices, which exist (V2K, «voice to skull»), burns on the skin that are attested by certificates, and unwanted implants that are indeed localized and sometimes removed and analyzed. However, despite all these verifiable facts, the authorities categorically deny their existence. This refusal can go as far as placing the person who describes these facts into a psychiatric hospital.

It is where I intervene. This Intelligence has made, several years ago, that I stay far from all Western countries. Their purpose was that I could describe to the world all the activities of this organization. These go well beyond the control of targeted individuals. These activities also include all terrorist operations, mass killings and other falsely natural disasters. We are talking about all false flag operations.

They are so called because they must make believe in a cause or an origin that is not the right one. This expression comes from the flag that is used in time of war, and that identifies the enemy. An operation under false flag is when the enemy carries a flag that is not his. It is also when the enemy uses weapons that are not his, shouts the words of war that are not his, kills according to a known behavior but which is not his, in short, when the enemy looks like something we know when it is not. It is also when a disaster appears natural or accidental while it is not so. The purpose of this kind of operation is the manipulation of the target population that will believe in that enemy or the cause presented by the authority. Anyone or media who dares to pretend something else will be called a conspirator or disinformers, especially if they do not provide proof. Yet these disinformers or truth seekers are more numerous, because these operations under false flag are also numerous and that the official version begins to crumble.

It is also where I intervene. My story, these last two years, count more than 300 operations and more than 3,000 deaths. All these operations were signed on my Internet server by the organization that committed them and with the intention of denouncing them. This situation also allowed me to warn of a dozen attacks, even if I did not know the exact time or place. So I had the opportunity to say a dozen times to some authorities, that an attack was going to happen and it happened in the hours that followed. These actions have been «signed» on an Internet server to which they have access but which, in theory, is my Internet server. They use my Internet server as if it was theirs.

Also, it seems sure that they follow the content of my screens. They listen to my microphone, and they use my camera. It would be useless to try to prevent them. It would upset them, and I could see the effects.

However, it seems more and more sure that they see and hear what I see and hear. This kind of implant exists, and I made it the terrifying experience in a hotel room in front of a mirror. They saw what I saw, and they showed it to me. So they know what I’m doing and write continuously, even without a phone and without the Internet. Also, they react according to what they see through me or my computer or phone.

I sent an email to the authority of a country, and at the same time, at the same moment, a plane from the same country crashed. It was not an accident, but it seemed like an accident they signed on my Internet server. I was then able to tell when this operation started and when did it end.

It is schematized, but a plane with 257 passengers crashed when I had just written for the first time to the UN. So, since they use me, they do not torture me, but I am well aware of my situation. The fact that they do not torture me is also very little compared to the number of simultaneous deaths or consecutive to my attempts to inform the world. On the other hand, if I do not do it, I am a dead man. I do not have a choice. I am also convinced that the victims of these false flag operations and these «targeted individuals» must know why they are attacked.


I am 57 years old, and I do not know when this story started. However, it is possible it is at my birth since a certain mystery exists around this one. Also, when I was a little over 20 years old, particular electrical activity was detected in my brain (electroencephalogram). It allowed me to be exempted from military service, but no one was able to determine the origin of this activity.

One thing is sure; I was already connected with this intelligence organization at the end of the 80s. I had a particular relationship with the Russians. These links should undoubtedly attract the attention of this organization. They could also be at the origin of this activity with the Russians.

I was then the target of a long gang stalking operation specific to this organization. The «gang stalking» is all the means used by this organization to track and harass a «targeted individual.» The purpose of this operation at the time was that I closed my first company, and they have succeeded. I was even briefly and clinically pronounced dead.

I then lived for a while in the mafia, organized crime and the sale of arms. It was probably not a coincidence either, and it allowed me to be informed of a very famous murder in Belgium. This story finally made me leave Belgium for a few years. At the time, I did not understand what was going on. Today, in 2018, I understand.

But it was in 2008 that this story began. The same protagonists as in the 80s forced me to enter a vast network of organized crime, banditry and tax evasion. I became an informant for the French authorities. Also, I began to understand that these protagonists had an important link with international terrorism.

It was in 2009 that the Mossad and/or this same organization removed me from this situation and brought me back to Belgium. In 2011, I was informed of their terrorist activities, including about September 11, 2001, and I recorded all this on MP3. In 2012, my wife disappeared, and the leader of this Mossad team died in suspicious circumstances, maybe it was a false death. In 2013, I began to understand the power of the organization I was facing, or who was responsible for all these years.

Following the discovery of traces in my home, the Belgian secret services pushed me and helped to carry out a complaint about terrorism against people belonging to the police or the Belgian army. In 2014, I was once again forced to leave Belgium to settle in the South of Africa. I was surprised to discover that some people on this African island had also just arrived there and that they knew my story before I told it to them. At the end of 2014, this open complaint with the Belgian secret services was closed without further investigation. In early 2015, attacks in France and Belgium could begin.

In October 2016, I once again complained to the Attacks in Brussels Commission, because I was convinced my file explained these attacks. On the 19th of October, the headquarters of the Belgian police sent me an email notifying me that they were following my file. Three hours later, my Internet server was destroyed. On October 21st, the US was the target of the most powerful Internet attack of all time. This attack targeted the Dyn DNS company in Manchester, USA, where my server was located two days ago. All social networks could not be reachable anymore. This Internet weapon had a name, Mirai botnet.

In December 2016, this Internet weapon started to connect to my server like a clock. I notified the FBI, with whom I exchanged 450 emails. They confirmed these connections came from Mirai botnet. Six engineers then spent three months on my server trying to find the origin of these connections, but they found nothing. They confirmed it was Mirai botnet, but did not try to understand the reason.

On May 22, 2017, I saw these connections on my server were ten times more intense than usual. It lasted 4h30, and I was trying to understand. I saw this increase took place the very moment Benjamin Netanyahu greeted president Donald Trump in Israel. They were both essential figures on the terror chessboard. Therefore, I felt that this one-time increase in connections on my server could be an alert for an imminent terrorist attack. I then called the Belgian center for terrorist threats who asked me for a report. When this report was sent, it was the bombing of the Arena in Manchester, England.

Immediately, I made the connection between the destruction of my server while it was hosted at the Dyn DNS company in Manchester US, the first attack of this Internet weapon, Mirai botnet, on the same company in Manchester US and finally, the first bombing Mirai botnet warns me in Manchester, UK.

The bombing of the Arena was followed by the attack in London on June 3, also signed on the server just before it occurred. This was then the case for 300 other operations. The way to sign these attacks on the server, however, changed over time. Initially, these signatures occurred just before the attacks. They were then simultaneous and finally, it was me who provoked them by my attempts to warn the world. More precisely, these attacks were prepared in advance and they waited for an action on my part, causing the launch of this operation.

At the start, the attacks signed on my server were of Islamist appearance. Then there were the mass killings, the massive knife attacks, the Skripal case and the chemical attacks in Syria, the murder-suicides, the infanticide and finally all the natural or accidental catastrophes. In short, everything that shocked the world, the last two years is likely to be signed on my Internet server. These events were therefore carried out by the same organization.

It was in October 2017, that I understood, that this organization had a name; GLADIO.

GLADIO was created by NATO and the CIA in 1956 to protect Europe against Russia. However, by the end of the Cold War, Gladio had less reason to exist. In the 1980s, they participated in terrorist operations, particularly in Italy and Belgium. In Belgium, we had the Brabant killers who had military behavior and organized mass killings comparable to today’s. However, it is the Italian government, which after the attack in Barcelona, mentioned the existence of Gladio. Europe decided to dissolve Gladio in the early 90s. Gladio then took advantage of this theoretical dissolution to become much more confidential and to extend to all NATO member countries.

In the 80s, I began my career as a computer engineer. A friend with a warrior spirit and vigilante began hers in Gladio at the time the Brabant Killers. We came from the same province as the one targeted by the Brabant Killers. He has climbed all the ladder, to finally reach the summit of Gladio. 

He was behind the events affecting my IT business in the 80s. This man was behind my selection to work for European organized crime in 2008. The Mossad described me this character in 2011 (MP3) as being a major terrorist linked as of September 11, 2001. However, they did not specify to me that he was on behalf of Gladio which this Mossad team was probably also a part.

Today, these masterminds of terrorism, of which I am close, manage Gladio. They are no longer supposed to exist but respond informally to the orders of Western governments and armies. In particular, they carry out espionage missions, targeted individuals and false flag operations, whatever the form, as long as they will designate as responsible, something or someone who is not.

Many operations were carried out thanks to individuals whose behavior was under the control of Gladio. Some have become suicide bombers. Others killed their children or started shooting at people around them, etc. People felt like they had killers in front of them, but they were not always criminals, only people under Gladio’s control. Also, their actions were signed by Gladio on my Internet server just as they were achieving them.

Among Gladio’s latest operations, there have also been explosions and gas fires in Massachusetts, entirely related to my activities. They were caused by an Internet attack. There are also fires in November 2018 in California, which left more than 1,300 dead and missing. These were caused by high energy microwave weapons, visible on some videos. They mainly attack the metal like a fork in a kitchen microwave. It destroys everything that contains metal and of course everything in its immediate environment, such as creating fires. All these are just examples among others.

They are everything you can imagine worse.

Still, that’s not entirely true; it’s still a lure. There is even worse because they only obey orders and have no choice. They must execute these orders. Whether they are «targeted individuals» or those who control them, whether they are burning entire areas or placing chemical bombs in Syria, all the players are under control.

More clearly, the ones responsible for all of this are the ones who give the orders and who are not the politicians. Indeed, the latter at the highest they are, are only passing on the chessboard. It would be very risky to share this kind of secret with them. All elected officials, who would no longer be, could become whistleblowers. The culprits are those who hide behind the denomination, the «deep state,» those who go so far as to control the heads of states or who are apparently so. Unfortunately, the deep state has no formal existence again. They exist in the same way as Gladio. Of course, someone has given an order for each operation, but they cannot be identified. There is no trace of such a decision.

But there are other responsible people. Indeed, the states, the justice departments, the official media do not want to investigate, judge, or talk about this situation when they have to. They covered or closed their eyes to these events without analyzing them as they should. These ones had a choice, duties and they did not dare. So, they are the ones who can be responsible for this situation. Among these, there are also those who govern us, not for the orders they could have given, but especially for not having protected those they had to defend, and not ordered real investigations.

It is therefore very urgent I tell you my story. It is the subject of this book.