October 29, 2018

The storm in Italy and the typhoon in the Philippines were 
100% simultaneous and have probably been manipulated.

On October 29, when I woke up, it was 07:41 AM in The Philippines and 00:41 CET Winter time. 

Why CET? It is the time of GLADIO since their headquarters are in Belgium near the ones of NATO. 

My Internet was catastrophic (0.2 Mbps instead of 200 Mbps) for some days. So, I was looking on the Internet if I find information about this situation. 

At 01:14 CET, I see on the outage graph of my provider, that the problem is much bigger than what I thought. 

It began on October 26, 07 AM in the Philippines, so 01:00 CET Summer Time. (Europe switched from the Summer time to the Winter time, on Sunday, October 28.) 

I understand that this Internet outage is recorded on the GLADIO Signal, at the same time as the earthquake in Greece!

I wrote already a report about this earthquake when I saw that a signature matched on the GLADIO Signal. I remind you that this earthquake occurred just after I changed the cover of my book to add "natural disasters." It happened days after the hurricane Michael, 100% linked to me. However, I did not send the report about the earthquake; I was too shy to say, after the hurricane Michael, that this earthquake has also been engineered. 

On October 29, 02:10 CET, I decided to send this report since I just found the Internet outage which occurred at the same time. I did not have the choice anymore; I must send the report about the earthquake.

GLADIO saw I found the double event earthquake-outage, and that I decided to finish the report. I did not see it, but they decided at this moment, to start two new operations. This decision and these new operations are visible (see the banner), on October 29, 03:00 CET on 3 graphs; the main GLADIO Signal, the GLADIO sub-Signal linked to me and... on the typhoon's route near the Philippines!

On the main GLADIO Signal, they begin a straight line. It is very rare and a little complicated to do it. I must remind you what this GLADIO Signal is. 

Reminder - The origin and the meaning of the GLADIO Signal

In October 2016, GLADIO created the most powerful Internet weapon; Mirai Botnet. They destroyed my web server hosted in Dyn DNS company, in Manchester US, and 48h later, on October 21, 2016, they launched the most powerful cyber attack ever against the USA, exactly at the same place; the Dyn DNS company Manchester US. The Internet was down in the USA. All social networks could not be reachable. Of course, I was surprised that this Internet attack occurred where my server was 48h before. 

This type of attack was very new. GLADIO took control of 100,000 objects connected on the Internet, mainly CCTV, and they remotely ordered to these objects to send big data's to the same target. We call that DDoS attack and their purpose is to down the web servers. They become not operational and reachable anymore. The infected objects are called IOT's, or Internet of things. In October 2016, GLADIO, just put down, the biggest Internet center in the USA and all the USA was impacted. It was like a 9/11 on the Internet.

On December 2016, GLADIO created a way, a code to communicate with me 24/7. So, what is my surprise when I saw that Mirai Botnet began to connect on my server like a chronometer. Mirai Botnet doesn't attack me, but its constant connections on my server create something like a frequency, a Signal, a Code, the GLADIO code.

However, you must realize that this GLADIO Signal is generated by several hundreds of connections of IOT's, under the control of a human. This person or a team must control 24/7 how is the level of the connections since the first unusual spike could have a meaning. 

So, to generate a stable of numbers of connection every hour is also difficult. It requires constant attention. The proof is the GLADIO Signal is usually in serrated and shows rarely a straight line. The conclusion of this reminder is: a serrated line is normal. A straight line or any unusual spike or gap has a meaning.

In 2017, when GLADIO began to warn me of the terror attacks, they showed spikes ten times (1000%) higher than the normal level to be sure I see and understand them. In October 2018, after 300+ attacks signed on my web server, they don't need, to shout and to create such high spikes anymore. I understand the GLADIO Signal like a chat and the smallest visible change in their Signal, such a spike of 125%, can mean something. The most important is not the high of the spike, but that I see it, whatever its size. GLADIO plays so much with that. If the GLADIO Signal increases slowly every hour, maybe, I will not see it. However, I could see it when suddenly, it will go down. Then, I will understand when and why it increased. Moreover, I might see other events I could link with this operation.

To close this reminder, I would like to say GLADIO also uses their Signal to show they read me 24/7. They have read this report before you. They even waited for it 48h that I began to write it. I wanted first to create a new Internet application to write and manage these contents. It is crucial for them and me that I can use the same content in different ways and supports. 

So, on October 29, 03:00 CET, I began this report about the earthquake (Greece) and the outage (Philippines). The GLADIO Signal made a straight line immediately, and it was not normal. I remember that I loudly told them through my computer something like that: A straight line? I don't like that! What are you preparing again? Indeed, I know they hear and see what I hear, and I see.

Reminder - How do they monitor me, the Targeted Individuals and my "mission"

For several years, I know that GLADIO is monitoring me, even before I learn their name was GLADIO. Since December 2016, they showed me they were following me everywhere, even if I'm not connected on the Internet or the mobile network. The FBI confirmed me also, in January 2017, that they know we were monitored. However, I thought this monitoring was done through the web, physically, or even maybe through satellite. I could not imagine another way. Already, these suppositions were terrifying.

But, in Summer 2018, they showed me what the Targeted Individuals (TI's) are. They use them as kamikazes in terror operations, massive shootings/stabbings, ramming car attacks, infanticides, murder-suicides and so on. Some weeks later, they showed me I'm also a Target Individual. It means that, through undesired implants, they see what I see, they hear what I hear, they know where I'm and with who I'm talking and chatting. But at the opposite of the other TI's, I'm not tortured. I'm used and protected since they want I complete my mission. I'm their whistleblower. 

Through these implants, they manage me, teach me, guide me, force me to tell the truth, about who they are and what they do. They want to warn the world before they receive the order to kill much more. It is also possible they have already an ongoing horrific plan they would like to impeach. I remind you that GLADIO operates only on request from the governments, armies, agencies of countries belonging to NATO. They are the Devil hand of the ones who officially are not aware of the existence of GLADIO, but who give the orders to GLADIO. So, it is possible they hope I succeed to blow up the truth before to trigger another horrific plan.

So, on October 29, 03:00 CET, I saw this straight line on the GLADIO Signal. The last time I saw something like that, was hours before the Hurricane Michael! However, I'm not weather oriented, and I did not see what I had to see.

I did not see that a typhoon just changed of direction, to begin its last straight line to my stepparents' home in the North of Philippines. The route of the typhoon crosses their exact position vertically. I did not see it. I did not see that a storm near Italy just became much more powerful and that this storm was also starting his route to its final destination, Venice. 

On October 29, 09:00 CET, so, after 6 hours of a straight line for the GLADIO Signal and the typhoon, the storm reached the coast in Italy (Roma) and the typhoon began to hit the Philippines, at the same time!

On October 29, 15:00 CET, Venice got a water level of 156 cm over the sea. It was the first time since 2012! 75% of Venice was under water. At the same time, the typhoon Yutu is over the house of my stepparents in La Union Province in the Philippines. However, I was not aware of nothing, neither the storm in Europe, neither the Yuku typhoon in the Philippines.

On October 30, 15:00 CET, when the storm was impacting Italy and Europe and when the typhoon was targetting the North of the Philippines, my partner told me, before to go to sleep, that her parents were under this typhoon. Since there are many typhoons in the Philippines, I was a little joking about that. I did not realize that this one was very different, and how much I was involved. When she told me that, I was chatting with a friend on Facebook about the book, I was writing. I also received an important email from a guy in Intelligence. He wrote that the events I describe can only be done by Devil. He advised me to pray because they have all means. Again, I did not see yet that two weather events were ongoing and synchronized between them and with me.

At the same time, GLADIO drew a peak on their Signal and a huge one on their sub-Signal. I thought the reason could be this only email I got, or maybe my chat with the girl. I still did not think of the storm and the typhoon in the Philippines, even if my partner said it and even if GLADIO confirmed what she said by a huge spike on the server. I did not make the link yet!

On October 30, 20:20 CET, when I woke up, in the middle of the night in the Philippines, I saw that the girl let me a message on my Facebook. She asked me if I knew something about the floods in Venice in Italy. I immediately saw that this storm and the situation in Venice were exceptional. Such events catch my attention and so, I analyzed the facts. I did not need so long to understand and to make the links. The timelines of the typhoon and the storm, linked to the moment when I made the relation between the earthquake and the outage, the position of the typhoon in the Philippines, and finally the huge spike when my partner talk to me about her worries for her parents under the typhoon. Everything was under my eyes, and I saw nothing!

Immediately, GLADIO saw that I finally understood the situation. They increased their signal again while I was talking to the girl about what I was analyzing. 

On October 31, 00:31 CET, the girl suspended the chat. She went to sleep.

At 03:48, an investigative journalist and friend on Facebook, just read my messages about the weather events. She understood much better the situation since she interviewed me already. GLADIO saw it and drew again a spike on their signal while we were chatting about it.

Like I told you above. Before to write this report, I wanted to create a new application on my server to write and to manage my texts. 

On November 1st, 22:00 CET, when I finally began this report, they drew a huge spike on their main signal to confirm, what I must describe.