2 major warnings for an engineered nuclear accident
on 18/11/18, in Tihange power plant in Belgium

References (date order):
Armageddon Report for DHS (USA) -- Include a summary of my storyhttps://docdro.id/f1Bu2X8
Limo NY Report for DHS (USA): https://docdro.id/Jq3iACm
Hurricane Michael for DHS (USA): https://docdro.id/Fclg34V
Venice Storm and Yutu typhoon: 

Report sent to Belgian authorities and neighboring countries.

Dear Madams and Sirs, who don't know me yet, 

I advise you to read the link given above, and the 3 PDF joined to this email in the order Armageddon, Limo, hurricane. You can also contact the Interior Minister or the Belgian Secret Service, to know who I am. However, if you read the links and the PDF, you will already have a perfect view of my position and function. 

I sincerely advise you to read them, else what you will read below will seem to you very strange or unreal while, it is critical. 

Dear Minister,
Dear members of the Belgian Secret Service and OCAM,

We have a big new problem

I think that you should cancel the agreement to restart the Tihange nuclear plant on November 18 to operate some more analysis. I cannot be more clear, and I will explain you why below. 

You perfectly know the signal I get from GLADIO since December 2016 and the 300+ signatures of attacks that they recorded on it in 18 months. You also know that the first terror attack I warned to OCAM was the one in Manchester on May 22, 2017. You also know that, in 18 months, I warned about a dozen imminent attacks even if I did not know the exact place and time.

Today, Gladio asks me to warn you of a possible nuclear accident, on November 18, in Tihange. 

You know what "accident" means for Gladio. It is an attack which seems to be an accident. I will come back on this point below.

On November 1st 22:00 CET, I got a huge warning peak, with 4 plots inline on the left, only one plot on the right. I immediately understood the meaning of the plot on the right. It is their usual sword shape, meaning Gladio and death. 

However, I had to find the reason for this very high spike on the Gladio Code. There is nothing in the news, no attack in the night on November 1st to explain this spike. There is nothing in my activity to justify it neither. At this moment, I was busy for several hours on the report about the simultaneous storm in Venice and the typhoon just over the head of my stepparents in the Philippines. It is a long story, and it is here. I have finished this report on November 2. So this exceptional spike is just in the middle between the beginning and the end of this long report, and no event to explain it!

There is only one event which could explain this spike. Indeed, all the press in Belgium began to talk about the agreement for the restart of the Tihange on November 1st, after 22 CET. On the other side, you see on this exceptional spike that its left side is made with 4 dots in a line. So I thought to Tihange 1, 2, 3, 4... I did not know that Tihange 4 doesn't exist. It is a restaurant. However, my feeling about this unusual spike was immediately about Tihange, since it is the only event in the news which could explain it at this exact time.

Since I did not have any mean to be sure of my feeling, I wrote a post of Facebook, on November 3, to see the reaction of Gladio, since I know they will see it immediately. I had to wait for their answer 2 or 3 hours, and it is usual. They saw my post, and they had to ask their HQ what answer to give me through their signal. Their answer is terrifying! They saw that I mistook in the number of reactors in Tihange. So they drew the left side of a new huge spike, as two days before but with 3 dots in a line and not 4. The right side of this spike is terrific. We find the one dot again at the top, for the sword shape, but the base is the drawn of a big knife!

So, there is no doubt; they just answered to my first supposition from the first spike on November 1st. They really talk about Tihange on November 18.

The question is how or what they can do.

You know the explosions in the refineries in Germany and Canada, the explosion of the pipeline in the USA, the one in the Indaver company in Antwerp, the 3 cities destroyed by multiple gas fires and explosions in Massachusetts. You know all these stories already. 

All of them are understood and described as accidents. But all of them has been recorded in real time on the Gladio signal. According to the information I got, I can also say that several of them have been created by high energy microwave weapon. The specificity of this weapon is to attack the steel directly, even if it is surrounded by concrete. The concrete cracks and nobody knows why. It is like a fork in a microwave.

That is the first possibility, since, everybody will think, as the bridge in Italy, that the origin is accidental because the structure is old... Like Tihange... On the other side, in the last weeks, they created many attacks in the energy area. So to create an accident in an old nuclear power plant when this one must be restarted could seem for them a very good opportunity.

The second option, more credible, is the use of the Targeted Individuals. On the two last months, Gladio showed us how they use, through psychotrony and low energy microwave weapons, people with implants. We call them Targeted Individuals. Most of them are remotely tortured, and Gladio showed me and on me, how they use such technologies. So, I know that exists, and I probably have Nano implants too. All my work to write to you and other authorities, to understand what they want I understand, to warn the world, is probably done under their control and with their ideas. 

We know that this agreement to restart Tihange comes from a federal administration. We know that Gladio, which has its HQ in Belgium has infiltrated ALL federal departments of the country. There is no exception. 

Imagine now that some of these experts, or the ones of Tihange itself, have implants and are under the mind control of Gladio. These experts will not feel anything, strictly nothing. If they do something wrong under the orders of Gladio, within the power plant, they will not remember of it. 

Do you remember this suicide-pilot in Seatle in the USA at the beginning of August? This guy was not a pilot at all. He only played on Flight Simulator on his computer. He stole a 56 seat plane, ignited it (very very difficult), and he made acrobatics better than a professional. When he finished playing, he decided to crash its plane on an Island. This event has been recorded in real time on my web server. This guy did not feel anything. His family doesn't understand why and how he did that. The only answer is very clear. He was a Targeted Individual, and he has been used to show me what they can do with this weapon. 48h after this crash, another real pilot, took his plane and crashed it on his house where was his wife and kid. He was also a targeted individual, and this new crash has also been recorded in real time on my web server. I understood then that all massive shootings, or terror attacks with kamikazes, have been done by targeted individuals. In this way, Gladio is 100% sure that the killer will not give up, will not change his mind. I remind you that Gladio recorded 300+ such operations on their Signal on my server.

I don't say that some experts in Tihange will become killers on November 18. I mean that Gladio has the means to control any individual from inside if he got Nano implants from a way or another. Once, you have these Nano implants in your body (vaccines, food, textile...) they reach a specific place in the body, and they assemble themselves to create the implants. The targeted person doesn't feel anything if Gladio wants to remain discrete. These implants can be then detected by some devices, but more effectively within a cage of Faraday. The UCL did that for targeted individuals and implants have been found. And we know that once these implants are found, we can say that the individual can be under control. Could you imagine that only one expert in Tihange or this Federal Office could be a targeted individual? Everything could happen, on November 18, while it is obvious that Gladio targets these people particularly.

Gladio loves the numbers. We know that. His best numbers are 11, because 9/11, 21 because most of their cyber attacks occurred on 21 of the month, and 22, because they orchestrated 5 terror attacks in behalf of ISIS on 22 of the month, including the one in Brussels and the first attack recorded, on my web server, Manchester. 

Do you know that November 18, makes 18/11/18, and since 1+8=9, we could read 9/11/9, so two times 9/11. I suspect that this way to present this date comes directly from Gladio.

I know that our Western countries refuse absolutely to admit or to say to the public that these implants exist, even if they exist. I also know, that in 18 months, Gladio showed slowly to me and you through my reports, everything that they can do. I guess that they know better than me what do you think about my reports, even if you don't admit the existence of Gladio.

I think that we have maybe reached a limit in their successive demonstrations. I told you many times that these masterminds within Gladio want that the authority tells the truth. I repeated it multiple times. 

I think that it is possible that they give you the last challenge, Or you cancel the restart of Tihange and you scan all staff involved in Tihange to search implants, or you take the risk of a nuclear accident on November 18. However, I know that if you decide to scan this staff, you must begin to admit that these implants are possible, and this will also be a revolution. 

But I know Gladio. I'm very used to analyze their operation and their purposes. I have the feeling that this scenario is possible, but of course, I cannot be sure of it. 

On the other side, they have read this report before you. They probably wrote it, since I have the feeling to type this report like a typewriter under their control. Except, if they will ask me to add something, I just spent on this email 1h30 minutes before corrections and graphics. Sometimes, I see my hands typing, and I'm not sure, what I'm writing... I surprise myself to write like this.